First EA3 SOTA activation


This is my first post on my blog, and I am glad to show you the first EA3 SOTA activity.

On 2on Octuber 2010 Salvador EA3KN, Ramon EA3OR and Esteve  EB3EPR were ready for this activation, the place was Tossal de la Baltassana SOTA reference EA3/TA-003, its not a dificult summit, because its posible to go by car almost to the summit.

The summit its close to Prades city and from there you have a 20 minuts trip by car throw mountain roads, after this you need to carry all the equipment for a short 15 minuts walk to the summit.

Ready to go to the summit

Once on the summit we start to prepare the radios and antennas, we were lucky and found a table on the summit, the bad thing we have any chair. The antennas were a 20m versatee vertical (Buddipole), 3 elements Buddipole yagui for 144Mhz ( No contact on this band, we do not take time on this band) and a G5RV up to 7m on spiderbeam.

20 Versatee vertical and 3 elements yagui all Buddipole

The radios were FT-817 for 20m CW and SSB and FT-897 for 40m this one running 20 watts output.

All radios powered by 7Ah batteries, that did a great job durion the close to 2 hours that we were on the summit doing contacts.

 We did close to 180 QSOs and 18 DXCC not to bad for a short operation.

The QSOs with EB3EPR/P the call that we use are valid for award SOTA ref EA3/TA-003, award vertices de España   Ref.             VGT-077         and award Diploma municipios de España DME-43116

You can watch a video for the activity on:

We had a great time during that morning and hope to have others activations soon.

73, Esteve EB3EPR

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