PBMME October 2010


With a bit of delay due all my duties during last weeks, I like to do a short description about the activity that I did last October during PBMME.

This time I was on the beach, day was beautiful sunny and with no too much wind.

The station was a FT-817 , ZM-2 antenna tuner (do not have enought words to say how good its working this small tuner), the antenna was a vertical Versatee for 20m, with shockcord mast and long whipe, the batery was a 4S2P pack.

Conditions were very good with Europe with QSOs with diferents countries but the goal was the call from Jan SM5MEK PB#220 we had a nice qso, thanks Jan for your call.

 I stayed there for close to couple of hours, with all the QSOs on 20m, did some test with diferent stations at QRPp leves of 0.5W and had a nice reports from IT9 station.

 Later at home I dicide to look for some bears on other side of the sea and what a surprise I had, at this point like to let you know how good is to have the QRPSPTS.com web page, I saw a spot for VE2JCW PB#241 Jean he was working europeans and had a nice 449 to 559 signal on my smeter, at home I was using my FT-2000 at 100w and the antenna was TW2010 vertical. Jean thanks for the QSO.

I was calling on 14063 when I saw that KEN Black Jack bear WA8REI was calling for me, Ken was 229 on my side so we only had a very short but beautiful BSO.

 Propagation was good and seams that will be improving so hape to have more BSO on the next events.

A short video for the activity is available.

72, Esteve EB3EPR

3 Responses to “PBMME October 2010”
  1. Aaron, N9SKN, PB126 dice:

    Hello Esteve!

    Grrrr….eat video! What a terrific spot to operate you have. I thought I saw a couple of icebergs floating by too 😉

    I am glad you are making some “BSO’s” across the pond. Maybe some day I could be one of them.
    Best of luck on the beach and very 73,
    Aaron Bear

  2. VE2JCW Grrr! dice:

    My qso with u ..i running 5W with my th6 antenne..verry nice ..73

    Jean VE2JCW


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