SOTA EA3/TA-007 “La Miranda de Llavería”


For that activation I had lot of friends specially “Polar Bears” that was expecting to have a QSO with me, unfortunatly we could not do the QSO.

This was not a “solo” activity this time some friends come together for to have a nice Sunday morning.

Anna, Sandra and Lluis were also part of this activity and we had a beautiful Sunday.

Sandra – Anna – Esteve

We had a nice walk to the summit, with beautiful views and pine tree on the woods, the mountain was very beautiful with very nice rock walls before to
arrive at the summit. The weather was really good with temperature of 14ºc and sun shine.

Anna – Esteve – Lluis

I was using my VX8 during the walk on APRS and this is the treking that we did.

Path from Colldejou to the summit

Takes about 1 hour 30 minutes to do the summit and we start at 416m and finished at 919m.

Once at the summit we take some drink and eat some sweet cookies and then I assembled the KX1 and fishing rod antenna, lot of activity on 40m but only two QSO with EA3KN and IK1GPG, I also send a spot to the qrpspots but no replays on my calls have been more than 30 minutes calling and calling. Later I saw that Ron WB3AAB did some advise about my spot on polar bears group, thanks Ron.

Did few test on 20m too but no replays, conditions on 20m was not good. I did not hear any USA searching the band looking  for my bearfriends that were looking for me.

Later at home checked and know that at least OL5Q heard my CQs, I know that this is a big gun station.

Did also my first 2m QSOs on a SOTA activity 2 QSOs with the VX8-DE one with EA3EYD/MM Xavier, we did some chat and I was looking for the ship, he install
the biger sail and could see the boat sailing on the Mediterranean coast, we had a beautiful view of Mediterranean see from the summit so that was all for the
activity 4 QSOs so the activation is valid for SOTA chasers.

Follow you can watch the video its more a video about the route than a radio, but hope that you enjoy it.

Thanks all of you guys that weakup early to try to listen for me. and the four stations  that did the QSO.



Esteve, EB3EPR

One Response to “SOTA EA3/TA-007 “La Miranda de Llavería””
  1. Martin dice:

    Looks like a nice hike, Esteve!



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