PERIGAÑOL EA2/TE-016 SOTA activation.


Have been long time since my last SOTA activation, I did a unsuccesfull activation a couple month ago but this time I had time and feal much better in the activation.

The choosen summit was Perigañol EA2/TE-016 very close to besseit town where I was spending a few days of holiday.

During this last month I also improved my SOTA gatgets and like to test all new stuff.

The radio was the yaesu FT-817 one of my usual SOTA radios, and always have a great results with this radio.

This time I had a new battery its a solar 12000mAH battery, I must to recognize that was a bit worried when I bought this battery, it cost me around 75€ and was not sure if I was doing a good buy, but must to say that this battery keep my FT-817 running for more than 3 hours without any problem and I am sure that can keep more hours the radio on. There is also a plus on this battery in case that you have a nootebook its posible to connect it too, and has also a small solar panel included than keep the battery charging while you are in the activation.

The second new gadged was a new antenna, the Alexloop 10-40m loop that allow to have a SOTA station in a very small room. This is a manual small 1m manual tunning loop the antenna allows up to 10w for Cw and 20W for SSB, the results can not be much better, 20m its the winer band for this antenna, I do not test 17 to 10m bands becouse the propagation was not good, on 40m the results are very poor I did a few calls and know that had some replays to my call but could not work any station, and 30m was ok too with reports from 229 to 599. This is a very small antenna and I do not care about the 40m work. With this antenna I only need the FT-817 and do not need any antenna tuner.

EB3EPR and the Alexloop antenna

This time I did 17 QSOs with 9 DXCC countries in less than 1 hour, all with 5w.

The following stations did my activation.







Solar Battery 12000mAH

This was not a solo activation and Ana was sharing the hike to the summit, it takes us around 2:30 minuts to arrive to the summit and 2 hours back to the car.

Ana resting at summit

The following photo shows the hike to the summit.

Tracking to the summit

It was a really pleasure to do this activation, and right now planning another one very soon.

73, Esteve EB3EPR
2 Responses to “PERIGAÑOL EA2/TE-016 SOTA activation.”
  1. Jordi dice:

    Congratulations for your new SOTA activation.
    But, what’s the meaning of ‘During this last month I also improved my SOTA gatgets and like to test all new staff’ ? hehehe
    Maybe you wanna say ‘stuff’ instead of ‘staff’.


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